The Dixie Twister Team knows preparation is the key to a successful run down the racetrack. Randall Davis emphasizes safety as his most important consideration on race day.

The crew relishes the opportunity to make multiple trips down the track whenever possible.  Both man and machine get better with each race, and the team gains valuable insight into what they can do better the next time out.

In between runs, though, Randall, Rocky Platt, and David Dobbs each realize maintenance must be done to keep the powerful Dixie Twister funny car ready to compete.


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Changing/Checking the Oil


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An oil change is one of the most critical aspects before each and every pass.  Randall Davis stresses draining the oil from the previous run, because it can get contaminated.  The team is always careful to make sure there is fresh oil in the filters and the oil pan is clean.

We Need a Spark

Changing spark plugs is also a crucial part of engine performance.  Spark plugs must be able to maintain an accurate reading on how much fuel and heat is needed to ignite the engine.  This is  part of what provides racing fans with the thrilling image of flames coming from the car.  A bad spark can contribute to engine problems, or even worse, cause the engine to fail completely.

Tire Pressure Must be Equal

Fresh wheels are an obvious need in the sport of drag racing.  However, ensuring that the correct amount of air pressure is in each new set of tires is equally important.  Randall, Rocky, and David always check to make sure the air pressure in each tire on the historic Dixie Twister  is correct.  Too much or not enough pressure could result in a problem during an event.  Patrons do not want to see a tire heading their way.

Cooking on All Cylinders

The Dixie Twister Team must check every cylinder in the Dixie Twister’s engine. This exercise entails differentiating between a lean cylinder and a rich cylinder.  A lean cylinder is in need of more fuel.  In contrast, a rich cylinder has too much fuel in it, which may cause a leak or the fuel injectors to lock.


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Checking the Headers

Headers are an aspect of engine performance related to the cylinders in the engine.  Headers function to help the Chevy V8 Big Block Engine of the Dixie Twister move exhaust gases out of the cylinders.

How Stuff Works reveals that, “During the exhaust stroke, a good way for an engine to lose power is through back pressure. The exhaust valve opens at the beginning of the exhaust stroke, and then the piston pushes the exhaust gases out of the cylinder. If there is any amount of resistance that the piston has to push against to force the exhaust gases out, power is wasted.”  In short, the headers assist the engine of the Dixie Twister in reaching its full potential.

Passing the Eyeball Exam

Randall, Rocky, and David are very proficient at working on cars.  Each man possesses a keen eye when it comes to recognizing if something needs to be changed or worked on between intervals of the Dixie Twister revving up again.  Randall says that the crew is constantly checking everything on the car to make sure it does not need adjusting or tightening.  The Dixie Twister Team is aware that the well-being of everyone involved is the most important component of any event.


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Let Things Cool Off

The final prep before the Twister is ready to go again involves allowing it to cool off.  The time and effort spent on the Dixie Twister means it is never worth it to push the classic funny car past its limits.

The Dixie Twister Team is Not Superstitious

Randall chuckled when he was asked if he had any superstitious habits before he gets behind the wheel.  The Dixie Twister Team’s primary goal is to champion the legacy of the legendary Huston Platt, otherwise they are just grateful to be engaged in their mutual passion for drag racing.

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