Randall Davis, long-time crew chief for Huston Platt restored the Dixie Twister and now appears at race tracks around America bringing the power and speed of the alcohol funny car to today’s fans…but the story behind the Dixie Twister, Huston Platt, and Randall Davis is a special one, outlined briefly below:

The secret was the serial number on the chassis. 
Randall Davis spent years trying to track down Huston Platt’s Dixie Twister.  Davis followed lead after lead to no avail.  A promising lead brought Davis to Novia Scotia in 2004, and upon inspection he knew that the Dixie Twister still existed…the serial number was correct.

Fighting Form.
Just as finding the Dixie Twister was a long road, bringing the car back to fighting form was a journey of tremendous commitment, patience, and inevitably expenditure.  Top fuel funny cars are brutal and precision is required at each phase of the build to ensure performance, and more importantly, safety.  Combine the stringent requirements of funny car engineering with the desire to return the Dixie Twister to its 1970’s form was an incredible challenge.

Just the Man for the Job.
Fortune favored the Dixie Twister, as Randall Davis, former crew chief for Huston Platt, not only had the persistence to locate the Dixie Twister, but also the technical capability and history with the vehicle required to bring the Dixie Twister back.  Davis, to this day, spends almost every evening in the special-built garage housing the Dixie Twister perfecting, fine-tuning, and sweating every detail.

Mr. Platt Gives His Permission
Jumping ahead in this story, to the first reunion of Huston Platt and the Dixie Twister, Randall Davis had painted the Dixie Twister logo on the car, but had not included Huston Platt’s name…Mr. Platt would have to give his blessing first.  “Huston gave his blessing, and the look on his face when he first saw the car made all the work worth the effort,” Davis remembered.

Looking into the eyes of Randall Davis just prior to a test run, it is impossible not to wonder what he is thinking in the moment.  Whatever he is thinking…about the run, about Huston, about their shared histories…Mr. Davis has earned his private thoughts.