When my partner at Davis Intellidesign, Barrie Collins, and I arrived at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, for the Atlanta $10,000 the first thing that stood out to me (other than the noise of roaring engines) was the passion of the participants for the sport that they love. Spectators (including myself) watched in appreciation as a variety of different cars and dragsters made their way to the starting line before racing down the track with as much speed as they could gather. Barrie was able to get up-close and personal at the event, as he captured cars thundering down the Atlanta Dragway track

What a Beautiful Day for Drag Racing

Atlanta $10,000 was my first trip to the races, and I was immediately enamored with how relaxing it was to spend an afternoon at the racetrack. The weather was perfect all afternoon, and being able to soak up the sun added something special to this memorable experience. There did not seem to be a care in the world for the participants, other than having a successful run down the racetrack. Most of the runs were over quickly, as the personal wanted to be sure that every entrant in Atlanta 10,000 was afforded the opportunity to race down the track. Even the public address announcer seemed to enjoy his forum, as he did everything from talking about the upcoming election, to yelling at people who blocked the view of disabled spectators.

The Phantom was just one of a ton of stellar cars at the Atlanta $10000.

The Art at the Racetrack

It was fascinating to see the unique designs on the cars, as each vehicle brought its own style to the Atlanta Dragway. I was fortunate enough to get a look at many of the cars on hand this past Saturday, and my partner was able to take photos of vintage and nostalgia race cars on hand this weekend. Among my personal favorites were Tiller & Homier, which showcased the classic dodge look, featuring a beautiful paint job. Other memorable dragsters celebrated Halloween early, such as The Phantom, sporting a skull in a stylish top hat.

A personal favorite among the many incredible cars at the Atlanta $10,000.Atlanta Dragway.

The Deeper Meaning in Drag Racing

My Atlanta $10,000 experience would not have been complete without the hot rod that I had come to see, The Dixie Twister. Randall and his crew were working on the car as we arrived. I immediately noticed Rocky Platt’s presence, as the son of Mr. Huston Platt was there to support Randall Davis and watch him run the Dixie Twister. Here is a crowd pleasing funny car dry hop from the Dixie Twister’s evening run. Randall’s wife, Donna, commented that Rocky often came to support Randall. Prior to spending an afternoon at the track, I do not think I fully appreciated Randall’s commitment to the memory of his friend Huston Platt, and the legacy of Huston Plat’s Dixie Twister. In the process of bringing the Dixie Twister to race tracks around America, Randall ensures that the legacy of Huston Platt lives on for modern day racing fans.

A crowd begins to gather around the Dixie Twister.

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