The JDRL was Founded in 1992.

The National Hot Rod Association Summit Junior Dragster Racing League is open to children throughout the United States and Canada beginning at age eight. The league, abbreviated JDRL, was founded in 1992 after NHRA member-track owner Vince Napp showed NHRA officials the junior dragster he built for his children.


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As luck would have it, the NHRA had been looking for a vehicle to appeal to a younger audience, and the junior dragster was a perfect fit.  NHRA introduced the junior dragsters on July 9, 1992. The first official Junior Dragster League event occurred in 1993.

Half Scale Versions of Top Fuel Dragsters

According to the National Hot Rod Association, the cars that run in the Jr. League are “half-scale versions of Top Fuel Dragsters.”   These cars utilize a five horsepower, single-cylinder engine.  Such specifications allow for a Junior Dragster to reach a top speed of 85 miles per hour, which translates into a best possible time of 7.90 on the eighth mile run. The JDRL stipulates youth who are between 8 and 17 years old have the opportunity to participate in the Junior League.


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The NHRA Junior Drag Racing League divides the participants up based on age, as well as a handicapped starting system so that participants are placed together based on their skill level.  A lot of tracks hold weekly Jr. Drag Racing League Events where members have the opportunity to compete for points to earn the championship for their age group.


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Junior Drag Racing Gives Dragsters a Head Start.

In the two decades since it became official, the Junior Dragster Racing League has allowed young racing enthusiasts to experience the skill and thrill involved in the sport of drag racing. The JDRL has been the starting line for many professional drivers as well, including Shawn Langdon, who is a two-time Super Comp national champion.

The Junior Dragster Racing League awards savings bonds up to $100,000 for the winners of its annual Eastern and Western Conference Finals events.

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