huston platt camaro dixie twister

Huston Platt working on his 68 Camaro.

Utilizing his quick reflexes, Huston Platt possessed a knack for getting out ahead of the opposition in every race. Mr. Platt would often be two car lengths ahead before his opponent got going. Platt’s racing savvy enabled him to get the maximum speed out of the car that he was driving because his timing and control behind the wheel enabled the car to hit top speed quickly.

Huston PlattThe bond between Huston Platt and Randall Davis was forged by drag racing, as the two shared a mutual love for the sport that motivated them to spend entire weekends driving from a race on Saturday to an event on Sunday. Such a tight schedule often required Randall to load the car while Huston was running the Dixie Twister.

Huston Platt and his Dixie Twister Camaro played an important part in shaping drag racing as we know it today. Platt is a member of the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame and the Dixie Twister funny car remains a hot topic among drag racing enthusiasts.