Hank Blalock Served in World War II

Born in Decatur, Georgia, Hank Blalock was a member of the Coast Guard during World War II.  When he returned from the war, Blalock pursued a career in racing beginning in 1946.

Hemmings Daily notes Blalock was considered an “open-wheel specialist”, best known for competing in midget cars.  Midget cars are smaller cars with a big power-to-weight ratio.

Hank Blalock Raced all Over the Southeast

Hank Blalock took part in events in Savannah, Calhoun, and Augusta, among many other areas in Georgia.  Blalock traveled to various locations in Florida, Tennessee, and New Orleans as well.  Hank Blalock made his mark as an accomplished and respected wheel-man regardless of the venue.

Raceweek Illustrated tells Hank Blalock won a number of events in Georgia.  Blalock achieved victory in areas such as Lakewood Speedway, along with the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. Hank Blalock was president of the Southern Racing Drivers Club (SRDC) in 1948 and recognized as the points champion in 1949.

Hank Blalock: Well Rounded Competitor

Hank Blalock left a lasting impression on the sport of racing during his ten-year career.  He competed for multiple organizations including the AAA, NASCAR and the previously mentioned SRDC.

Hank Blalock will be inducted into the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame on December 13, 2013.  For more information, visit the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.

Hank Blalock is best known for his expertise in Midget Cars,

Hank Blalock is best known for his expertise in Midget Cars.  Photo courtesy of the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame.

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