Category: History of the Dixie Twister

  • 1968 Chevy Camaro

    1968 Chevy Camaro

    The photograph below shows the 1968 Dixie Twister, without wheelie bars, and sans lettering competing during what was described as a windy day at an […]

  • The Atlanta Dragway – A Brief History

    The Atlanta Dragway – A Brief History

    A Passion For Racing. As we continue to look back at Atlanta $10,000 from this past weekend, it is appropriate to take a closer look at the venue that hosted this event. The Atlanta Dragway was crafted back…

  • A Favorite Memory of Randall Davis

    A Favorite Memory of Randall Davis

    It just so happens that Randall Davis also happens to be my Uncle Randall, brother of my father.  It was Christmas Eve, 2004, and my […]

  • Video – Why It Matters

    Video – Why It Matters

    If you can watch this without getting a little misty, then you are on the wrong website. Poignant and beautiful video (and plenty of Huston Platt with the Dixie Twister) celebrating the early days of drag racing.

  • Historic/Vintage Dixie Twister Moments

    Historic/Vintage Dixie Twister Moments

    Huston Platt’s incredible career spanned decades. We have posted the best vintage shots of Mr. Platt’s incredible career with the Dixie Twister.

  • Yellow River: An Essay

    Yellow River: An Essay

    One of the worst racing accidents in history. What do we need today?

  • Huston Platt – Fact and Legend

    Huston Platt – Fact and Legend

    Utilizing his quick reflexes, Huston Platt possessed a knack for getting out ahead of the opposition in every race. Mr. Platt would often be two […]


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This website is dedicated to the funny car Dixie Twister, as well as the two men most directly linked to this legendary car...the incomparable Huston Platt and the man who has championed Mr. Platt's career throughout the past decade, Randall Davis.

Mr. Davis would be the first to emphasize that all of his efforts are aimed at preserving the legacy of Huston Platt and his beloved Dixie Twister.