Almost 50 years of drag racing. IRHA Champion. NHRA Champion. Super Stock Hall of Fame. East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame.  Bunch of other halls of fame.

Breast cancer survivor. Two hip replacements.  Gall bladder removal.  September 4, 1995 crash…broken vertebrae, arms, lets, fingers, skull…racing eighteen month later.  Bunny at the Playboy Club (to finance a ’67 Mustang for racing). Bunny on the racetrack…the indomitable Bunny Burkett had her beautiful car at the East Coast Times Hall of Fame this past weekend, and it is a cracker jack.

Learn more about Bunny Burkett on her website…and a simply wonderful write-up from 1998: “Drag Queen” Washington City Paper.


Photos by Laura Faraone

bunny burkett

Breast cancer survivor. Breast cancer advocate.

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