Huston Platt Competed in 1970 and 1971

Huston Platt participated in the Atlanta $10,000 at the Atlanta Speed Shop Dragway in ’70 and ’71.  According to his crew chief, Randall Davis, Atlanta $10,000 was among Platt’s favorite events.  It was also one of the biggest drag racing presentations in the south.

Huston Platt enjoyed racing his Dixie Twister Chevrolet for the large crowd at the show.  Both Davis and Platt appreciated events close to home, because after the race they were each able to sleep in their own bed.

Randall is pleased to carry on the legacy of the Dixie Twister at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia, in the renewed Atlanta $10,000 for a new generation of drag racing fans.

Atlanta $10,000 Schedule Update

The Dixie Twister Team of Randall Davis, Rocky Platt, and David Dobbs are set to make a pass around 6:00 this Friday night. The crew is set to make two runs on Saturday afternoon, the first at about 2:00 and the second close to 7:00.

Visit Atlanta 1000 for more information.

The Dixie Twister as night falls on Atlanta Dragway in 2012.

The Dixie Twister as night falls on Atlanta $10,000 in 2012.

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