The photograph below shows the 1968 Dixie Twister, without wheelie bars, and sans lettering competing during what was described as a windy day at an event in Detroit, Michigan. The brute strength of the motor in the ’68 Dixie Twister did not mesh well with the combination of the wind and no wheelie bars.

Huston Platt was committed to racing in the event, and he endeavored to give the drag racing fans in attendance their money’s worth despite the car not being quite ready to run.

Following the event, Platt rebuilt the 1968 Dixie Twister with tremendous success.  The dragster and his prized Camaro would go on to win eleven races and earn five runner-up finishes in a six month period where Huston Platt took part in 26 races.

During the stretch, Huston Platt broke several track records running at blistering speeds of 179 to 191 miles per hour, and clocking estimated times ranging from 8.01 to 7.68.


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