’64 Chevy Fastback – Crowd Favorite, Rough Racer

According to Rocky Platt, Huston Platt viewed the 1964 Chevrolet fastback Dixie Twister pictured below as an experimental car.  Huston Platt attempted to run this Chevy for one year.

The speed and might possessed by the machine was evident to the racing fans who gathered to watch Huston Platt run his treasured Dixie Twister.  Rocky remembers this car as a crowd favorite.

Super Chevy notes that four fiberglass Chevy II fastbacks were built by Bill Thomas Race Cars, remembered as a “high-performance Chevrolet Race Shop” based in Anaheim, California.  Thomas wanted to have the cars compete in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) races, as well as B Production class races.

However, the SCCA refused to allow this particular model of the fastback to be run in the events  they sanctioned; Thomas sold a few of them as a result.

The Super Chevy article goes on to reveal one of the men who “purchased and converted” a ’64 Chevy II fastback was Huston Platt.  Platt attempted to convert the powerful vehicle into one he could use for match racing.

Unfortunately for Mr. Platt, when the ’64 Chevy II fastback was equipped with the horsepower of one of his engines, the combination was too hot to handle.  Rocky Platt recalls his frustrated father cussing the car trying to make it cooperate.  This noteworthy funny car had a straight axle on the front end, coupled with a body style that rendered it too difficult to keep on the racetrack with any consistency.


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